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ES Private Group Lessons: Courses
Children in Indoor Playground
Spanish for Children
Your child will learn while having fun 

Taking advantage of your children’s formative years can benefit their future. The best time for kids to learn Spanish is right away! The earlier children learn a new language, the easier it is to become fluent.

Who are these lessons for?

The course is perfect for any child with a specific learning goal who wants to improve at their own pace.

  • Lessons are designed around the child's purpose, keeping them dynamic, effective and fun.

  • In the classes, students learn through various roleplaying activities and games.

What will you achieve?

  • Communicate more fluently and accurately

  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary

  • Feel more confident in Spanish-speaking environments and interacting with other Spanish speakers.


Lessons are held in London (zone 1-3) and Portsmouth.

We usually meet our little students at a Children's Café, such as Role2Play or Apple Tree Café or a Library with a kids section, such as The Sanctuary Cafe, Paddington Children's Library or the Southbank Centre.

Lessons can be held at the student's home after the first lesson if the student and teacher find that appropriate.


Lessons are from 45min to 1,5h, and they can be done as frequently as you want.

Most students do 1 or 2 lessons per week, but it depends on their goals and needs.


We personalise and tailor materials from several books, such as Lola y Leo from Difusión and offer you access to a Gdrive folder with lots of materials to practice!


In the lessons, you will need a WIFI connection, a notebook and a pen to take notes.


Native, experienced teachers will teach you.

Lessons are done in Spanish mainly but English is also used to communicate effectively with the student. 


Homework greatly assists progress, so we prefer assigning it, but if you have a busy schedule or you prefer not to do it we can adapt too.

Homework is given in every lesson and will include grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, and writing.

Kids Playing with Lego

Why should your child be learning Spanish?

1. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the


2. They will find it easier to understand other Latin-based languages

3. Improves short and long-term memory and stimulates 

cognitive ability

4. They will find it easier to understand other Latin-based languages.

5. Increase Travel opportunities

6. It can further career opportunities. 

7. Early Language Skills Are Developed

8. An Easy Language to Pick Up

9. Interact with children of other nationalities and become more tolerant.

10. If your child learns Spanish, you might learn a lot, too.

ES Private Group Lessons: Price List


Our Offer

Off-Peak (Monday to Friday 10h - 16h)

Zone 1

£35 - 1h

£52,5- 1,5h

£70 - 2h

Pack 5h: £166.5 (5% OFF )

Pack 10h: £315 (10% OFF)

Zone 2

£40 - 1h

£60 - 1,5h

£80 - 2h

Pack 5h: £190 (5% OFF)

Pack 10h: £360 (10% OFF)

Zone 3

£45 - 1h

£67,5 - 1,5h

£90 - 2h

Pack 5h: £213.75 (5% OFF)

Pack 10h: £405 (10% OFF)

Peak (Monday to Friday 09-10h / 16-19h / Saturday 10-13h )

Zone 1

£40 - 1h

£60 - 1,5h

£80 - 2h

Pack 5h: £190 (5% OFF) 

Pack 10h: £360 (10% OFF)

Zone 2

£45 - 1h

£67,5 - 1,5h

£90 - 2h

Pack 5h: £213.75 (5% OFF)

Pack 10h: £405 (10% OFF)

Zone 3

£50 - 1h

£75 - 1,5h

£100 - 2h

Pack 5h: £237.50 (5% OFF)

Pack 10h: £450 (10% OFF)

What is my zone?
- London: we set out fares according to the TFL map.
- Portsmouth: Zone 1 (PO4, PO5); Zone 2 (PO1, PO2, PO3); Zone 3 (PO6)

10% discount for:

- Military/ Veterans

- Emergency services

- Full-time students  

- Under -18/ Over 70

- Unemployed

- People on benefits

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