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Spanish Group Lessons

A level for everyone, Reduced Groups.

Whether you’re moving to a Spanish-speaking country or need to speak with clients or friends, our dynamic and practical Spanish group lessons are the perfect fit to learn and make friends.

Who are these lessons for?

These lessons are perfect for anyone with a busy life and a specific learning goal who wants to improve their communication skills and vocabulary at their own pace.

  • Lessons are designed around your needs, whether

  • it is:

    • Going on vacation

    • Moving abroad

    • Working with clients

    • Preparing for the GCSE or A-Levels

What will you achieve?

  • Communicate more fluently and accurately

  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary

  • Feel more confident in Spanish-speaking environments and interacting with other Spanish speakers.


Lessons are taught in Zone 1, 2, 3 in London and in Portsmouth.



Social activities are both face to face in London and Online.


Lessons are from 1h to 1,5h and they can be done as frequently as you want depending on your goals.


Lessons are from 1h to 1,5h, and they can be done as frequently as you want, depending on your goals.


You will be taught be native, experienced teachers.

Lessons are done in Spanish mainly, but English is also used to communicate effectively with the student. 


Homework greatly assists progress so we prefer assigning it, but if you have a busy schedule or you prefer not to do it we can adapt too.

Homework is given in every lesson and will include grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, and writing.

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